Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A new shrimp: Periclimenes macrorhynchia

Today's new species belongs to a rather large genus of shrimp. All the 150 species of Periclimenes live symbiotically with other animals, such as sea anemones, corals, sea stars, sea cucumbers and in some cases even sea slugs.

The name of the new species refers to the feathery hydroid of the host genus Macrorhynchia. Hydroids are a life stage for most animals of the class Hydrozoa, small predators related to jellyfish. Some hydroids such as the famous freshwater Hydra are solitary, but the majority are colonial. The original polyp is anchored to a solid substrate and forms a bud which remains attached to its parent. It will turn into buds and form a branched stem, which is the characteristic arrangement of polyps of the species.

For the experts: A new species of pontoniine shrimp belonging to the ‘Periclimenes obscurus species group’ is described from the Berau Islands, North East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Specimens were obtained from aglaopheniid hydrozoans of the genus Macrorhynchia. The new species is here described and figured. Its affinities with related species are discussed and a DNA-barcode is provided.

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