Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A new moth: Isopsestis poculiformis

This new species belongs to a family of moths with 650 species (Drepanidae). Some of those show some resemblance to Owlet moths. Many species in this family have a distinctively hook-shaped cusp on the fore wing, leading to their common name of hook-tips.

This new species was found in China and  named for the shape of the male genitalia.

For the experts: A new species of genus Isopsestis Werny, 1968 (Lepidoptera: Thyatiridae), Isopsestis poculiformis sp. nov., is described from the locality 2660m elevation in Northeast Yunnan, China, and compared with its closest ally. Male adult and genitalia of the new species are illustrated and a distribution map of the genus Isopsestis Werny, 1968 is provided. 

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