Monday, July 18, 2016

A new orchid: Bulbophyllum pingnanense

Image from original publication
The genus Bulbophyllum is one of the largest among the orchids. In fact, with perhaps 2000 species it is one of the largest genera of flowering plants. For over a century this genus has been the focus of orchid collectors especially for some bizarre representatives.

This genus covers a huge range of forms, from tall plants with cane-like stems, to root climbers that wind or creep their way up tree trunks. Other members grow on other plants, and quite a number that have developed succulent foliage to a greater or lesser degree. Some species live on rocks and one species has almost become leafless and uses its pseudobulbs as the organs of photosynthesis.

Our new species is also growing on other plants and its name refers to the region in which it was found (Pingnan County).

For the experts: A new orchid species, Bulbophyllum pingnanense, is described and illustrated from Fujian, China. It is similar to B. brevipedunculatum and B. albociliatum in vegetative and floral morphology, but it can be distinguished from B. brevipedunculatum by having a longer dorsal sepal with longer white ciliate on margin, longer and lanceolate lateral sepals, and a glabrous lip. It can be distinguished from B. albociliatum by having a shorter inflorescence, and a longer dorsal sepal.

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