Thursday, December 10, 2015

A new plant: Aporosa tetragona

The plant genus Aporosa belongs to the family Phyllanthaceae. Most species of this large family (2000 species) occur in the tropics. Nearly half of them belong to the genus Phyllanthus known from horticulture and as potted plant. Some species have also been used for the medicinal properties. The genus Aporosa is native to South East Asia and parts of Australia.

During a botanical survey of Mt. Hon Ba in Khanh Hoa Province, South Vietnam the new species was found. The species name reflects the quadrangular shape of the ovaries in the flowers and fruits.

For the experts: A new species, Aporosa tetragona Tagane & V. S. Dang, sp. nov., is described and illustrated from Mt. Hon Ba located in the Khanh Hoa Province, South Vietnam. This species is characterized by tetragonal pistillate flowers and fruits, which are clearly distinguishable from the other previously known species of the genus. The morphology and phylogeny based on rbcL and matK of this species indicated that the new species belongs to section Appendiculatae Pax & K. Hoffm.

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