Thursday, October 15, 2015

A new soldier beetle: Themus dimorphus

The soldier beetles are also known as leatherwinds because of the rather soft wings. One of the first described species has a color pattern that is very similar to the red coats of early British soldiers, hence the common name. They resemble fireflies, but they lack the light-producing organ on their

Many soldier beetle species are considered beneficial as they feed on garden pests such as aphids. 

The name of the new species that was discovered in China is derived from the Latin word 'dimorphus' (dimorphic), referring to its different coloration of head and pronotum.

For the experts: A new species is described, Themus (Themus) dimorphus sp. n. from Yunnan, China. Themus (Themus) testaceicollis Wittmer, 1983 is redescribed and compared with the new species. The two species are illustrated with habitus and genitalia of both sexes and abdominal sternites VIII of female.

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