Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A new creeping water bug: Ambrysus maya

Creeping water bugs are very similar in appearance and behavior to the giant water bugs of the family Belostomatidae, and they also occur in ponds and other still waters. However, most of the species actually occur in streams, rivers, and even on waterfalls.

The new species was found in the Rio Bravo in Belize. Its name refers to the Maya civilization, which occupied this region of Mesoamerica until the 17th century.

Here a short video of a creeping water bug:

For the experts: The Neotropical Ambrysus stali La Rivers species complex is reviewed and includes A. bifidus La Rivers & Nieser, A. scolius La Rivers, A. stali La Rivers, and A. tricuspis La Rivers. Ambrysus oblongulus Montandon is removed as a member of this complex. Features uniting these species are related to male genitalia and associated structures. Ambrysus maya n. sp. is the fifth species in the complex and is described from Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico based on specimens from recent collecting and museum collections. 

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