Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ground Crab Spider

Crab spiders got their name from the resemblance to crustacean crabs as they walk and and when they sit at rest. Their crab-like appearance comes from the longer sets of front legs than back legs. Ground Crab Spiders (Xysticus ellipticus) are able to walk sideways and backwards and of course forward.

Usually they sit on flowers and leaves waiting for their prey. Butterflies, bees, beetles and flies are their victims. The strong front legs are used to grab the insect which is then quickly bitten and paralyzed. 

The Ground Crab Spider does not belong to the spiders which build webs to trap their prey. The spiders of the entire crab spider family are not known to be harmful to humans.

The females lay their eggs in silken sacs that they guard until the little spiderlings hatch.

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